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Teaching Sword Fencing in Schools, Clubs and Academy's

Sword Fencing

Fencing is an ancient and noble sport. For many hundreds of years, proficiency with the sword was considered one of the essential skills of a well-educated individual, and the sword worn at the side was the hallmark of a gentleman. From its practical origins, when matters of honour and politics were settled with the sword, fencing has evolved into one of the most intense and challenging of modern sports which is every bit as exciting and demanding as the fencing duel that preceded it.

Sword fencing is a specialised sport that's exciting both for children and adults. It's a skilful sport that teaches you to act and think very quickly with finesse and grace.

A sport unlike any other....

 Derek teaches fencing at the following Schools/Academy's:

  • Signhills School *- Monday afternoons.
  • Phoenix Fencing Academy - Monday evenings.
  • -----FREE-----        Tuesday. 
  • Yarborough School - Wednesday afternoons.
  • Phoenix Fencing Academy - Wednesday evenings.
  • St. Martins Prep - Thursday afternoons.
  •  -----FREE-----        Friday.

Hi, I'm Derek

I am a British Academy of Fencing (B.A.F) qualified Fencing instructor to level 3 and I teach Foil, Épée and Sabre. I have over 25 years experience teaching Sword Fencing in both School's and Clubs/Academy, I have an enhanced DBS Certificate with 5 million pounds public liability insurance. 

I teach my own special fencing syllabus which teaches the children Sword Fencing in a fun and safe environment,  we always finish the session with a fencing game and at the end of each term I award the top three fencers with Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.

Service I can offer

Mixed group fencing lessons for girls and boys years 4, 5 & 6, using the new polycarbonate swords and senior years; year 7 and above using steel swords, as an after school activity, or part of the school curriculum.  

Sword Fencing can be one of the 4 sports in GCSE PE, (Key Process A - Developing skills for all game activities).

Sessions typically last one hour, for approximately 12 students. All the fencing equipment will be provided by myself.

Why is Sword Fencing a good sport for schools?
  • The chance for students who find team sports difficult to cope with, to engage in a  high quality physical educational sport.
  • Students are taught to develop specific techniques that they have to perform with consistent control and finesse to enable them to compete at a higher level. 
  • Boy's and girl's of different age groups can compete as equals.
  • Students will select and apply their skills and tactics within the discipline of the sport.
  • The opportunity to positively influence any students experience of Physical Education in the school.

Fencing can help the holistic development of each child; not only with the physical aspect of the sport, but knowledge, understanding and communication as the teaching programme advances with each lesson. It also helps children with their motor skills, having to use hand-eye co-ordination.

 For more information please contact Derek:

 (01472) 506885


"Sword Fencing has really changed my life. I'm not a sporty person and the sports on offer at my school I have never been any good at. But I took up sword fencing and I love it!  It's great fun and I have a lot of medals and I have also made a lot of new friends. Derek the fencing coach is great, he gives us individual coaching to help us with our individual problems in the sport. It just gives me something to do in a sport I really enjoy. I would recommend it to anyone".

Elliott Nunn aged 13 years, Healing, Grimsby.